Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five—Heatwave Edition

So we’ve wrapped up one of thee hottest weeks I feel that Ohio has ever seen. I mean really, yesterday when I was in the car I looked down and it said, “102 degrees outside.” It was 7:00pm, people. This just shouldn’t happen. I felt like I was back in Micronesia, sweltering under the sun as I climbed the steep crag of Sokeh’s Rock. But really I was just sitting at my desk, covered in sweat, trying to make up some crap about concrete flooring in a half-dead heat daze. Welcome to Northeast Ohio v.2011. So enough with the complaining about the weather, right? We’re going to talk about some positives that I encountered over the week. Because who doesn’t love being one of those glass-half-full types, right?

1. Chris Hemsworth

I feel kind of like a pre-pubescent girl starting this list with something as ridiculous as a cute boy. Truth be told, my on the brink of obsessive mancrush on this, well, man, brings me back to the days of JTT and Leo. That’s right girls of the 90s, let it go and swoon:

I ran across this “hunk” (still using the era’s verbiage) when I caught a $1.50 showing of Thor on Wednesday. The movie was nothing to rave about. The CGI was about as atrocious as that of Green Lantern (see “other sub-par comic movies with gorgeous lead actors”), but the fact that my other major celebrity crush was in it more than made up for it—Natalie Portman, of course. I don’t usually get down on the Arian dudes, but blonde-hair-blue-eyes aside, he’s got a fantastic smile and pretty much made me melt into a big pile of goo all over the popcorn covered floors of Theater 6.

2. Air Conditioning

Unlike the freezer that is the movie theater, my apartment has zero air conditioning. Needless to say, it was a formidable oven. I’ve got two box fans, and a few windows that still have storm windows in them (that the landlord still hasn’t taken care of). I (now) have a working fridge and freezer. I live alone, so that usually warrants me wearing minimal clothes in these working conditions. All that considered, however, I was very happy to be able to escape into the near-winter wonderland of air conditioned locations. Like hotel rooms (when oh hey, power went out in most of Lakewood killing both of those box fans too), restaurants, and the wide world of retail… which brings me to my next one:

3. This Dress

I have something of a love affair with dresses during the summertime. I’m sure the heat didn’t hurt my preference for this particular piece either. Grabbed it at H&M (who knew there was an outdoor mall so close to me?) and can’t wait for the chance to wear it. There were so many I wanted to walk out with… sigh. The retail therapy with a girlfriend was also pretty fantastic—in the A/C, no less.

4. Jeni’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream is particularly delicious in this weather, but holy crazy delicious ice cream, Jeni’s is really where it’s at. For a girl that pretty much panics every time she has to decide between more than one flavor of anything, it was a bit of a nerve wracking experience walking into the little shop (did I mention it was air conditioned?). Thankfully, however, Jeni’s allows you to order in little tiny scoops so you can try a few different things. I decided to limit myself to two after a rather large meal at BD’s Mongolian BBQ—and landed on the Bangkok Peanut and Goat Cheese with Red Cherries. Yes. Those are both ice cream flavors. And yes. They were both amazing. I giggled to myself the entire time, entertained by the fact that I was eating spicy ice cream. It seemed a little oxymoronic, but damn was it good. Highly recommend.

5. Play

No, not a play. Just play. I got the opportunity to run around a park for an hour or so. Running over bridges, climbing up ladders, sliding down slides, doing cartwheels. I’ve learned over the years that being a grown up is a stressful and serious bit of business— and getting the chance to just let go and play is incredibly invigorating and refreshing… even in 90 degree weather. I would suggest you all take a bit of time over the weekend to kick back, relax, and just play. You’ll be amazed at how amazing it feels.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Stay cool!


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