Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Calm and the Fury

Any of us know that sunshine is a rare and sacred commodity in NEO during springtime. After months of snow, three days of straight rain, then another day of snow, we finally saw the sun. I was actually able to throw my spring jacket on with my shades and enjoy a warm, pleasant afternoon. I headed to Mr. Zubs for lunch with a friend and the boy, then we headed back to Cuyahoga Falls to rummage the library's music collection and take a little stroll downtown.

Downtown Cuyahoga Falls is one of my favorite places in the area, and I think it's a really fabulous little space. It encompasses the idea of small-town feel and walkability. Unfortunately, it seems to not be as successful as one might think-- and many of its storefronts sit empty. Nonetheless, it is still a fantastic experience to just go down and enjoy the river. Today, however, the usual walkways that wrap around the businesses along the river were closed off-- the river overflowing wildly above them.

Though a bit crazy, it came nowhere close to the insanity being experienced in other parts of the world-- namely, Japan and other countries in the pacific that are being hit with massive earthquakes and tsunamis. My heart goes out to them. If you haven't caught up on the news or have seen the videos, I would recommend you do. Three inches of snow in March will seem far less traumatic.

It's amazing to sit and reflect about how important water is to culture, civilization, and development. Historically, water was a lifeblood, available access to trade and commerce. Water gives us the ability to grow. The rain comes to wash away the dirt and salt from our cars, our roads. Water is also a powerful force to be reckoned with as well, though, and I think this is one of these factors that don't really get attention until a crisis like this arises-- or you live in an area consistently faced with these and similar problems.

I guess the moral of the story is respect nature, and be prepared for uncertainty. I hope you Ohioans enjoyed the sunshine, but still kept the wounded and displaced in your thoughts and prayers (if you're into that). You never know, something could one day happen to you.

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