Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Speaking to the New Year’s Resolution

I have to admit, I’m one of those people that absolutely loves the beginning of the year. Once my hangover clears, I’m smooth sailing to get away from the hectic craziness of the holidays and back into not only my routine, but overdrive. I’ve always been a (and am apparently the only) fan of Mondays and the first of the month. New Year’s Day is for me the ultimate feeling of a “fresh start.” I try my best to remain self-reflective and goal oriented all of the time, but something about this time of year really invigorates me and gets the psychological juices pumping. Some may say it’s all artificial, instilled in us by the workout retail industry or whatever, but I say I’ll take it. If something in the world is going to motivate my ass, I’m not complaining.

That said, I’m very happy to meet 2012 with a great attitude and optimism. This year past was a particularly trying one, and though I left it with many an accomplishment to speak of, I have to say it was not kicked out with any hint of regret or hesitation. My goals certainly fell short a bit for 2011 (I never did write a book or brew a batch of beer), but the important ones stuck (graduating college, starting grad school, etc). I’ve read in countless places that one of the best ways to stick by your goals is to tell someone about them, so rather than just keeping my list tucked away in my journal, I figured I would share it with you faithful readers (whoever you are).

  1. Record a CD
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Pay off my credit cards
  4. Donate to a different cause every month
  5. Find a sweet internship for the summertime
  6. Finish my 2012 Reading List
  7. Establish my home yoga practice
  8. Attempt to attend 1 yoga class per week
  9. Organize a benefit show
  10. Do at least one art project every month
  11. See a play or musical
  12. See the orchestra play
  13. Visit the art museum
  14. Visit the history museum
  15. Cut pop out of my diet
  16. Cut fast food out of my diet
  17. Put $1,000 into my savings account
  18. Reconnect/maintain close relationships with my girlfriends
  19. Visit my Kimmy in Texas
  20. Cut down on the amount of meat/dairy products in my diet
  21. Create a music video
  22. Continue to give back to the NEO region
  23. Learn to speak a foreign language conversationally

It looks a bit overwhelming, but I’m determined to accomplish everything on this list in 2012. I started this week by investing a little into the area I do yoga in my kitchen, working out, finding a ton of great resources for healthy meal planning, and practicing some German. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my first tattoo! So very excited. Can’t wait to show you all.

What are your goals for the New Year?

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