Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big City Bliss: Chicago

So friends, I returned Sunday from a 3 day hiatus to the great city of Chicago. It was my first time in the windy city, and it was most certainly a fantastic time. I ate tons of great food, drank tons of great martinis, and did a whole lot of shopping and walking around. During my travels, I saw many tall buildings, discovered that the Sears Tower is no longer named the Sears Tower (Willis Tower, who would have thought?), and saw things that I realized that I’ve never seen in even the bigger cities of NEO. I expect to see really off the wall stuff in NYC, but didn’t realize how much commotion goes on throughout Chicago streets! Saxophonists, men shouting about the plight of the world from church doorsteps… it’s all so fascinating coming from my small(ish) city of Akron. I mean, we certainly get our fair share of people walking around downtown, but nothing like the immense business of navigating crowds, incessant honking from the taxis, and the incredible nightlife (who knew that some of the bars in Chicago close at 5 a.m.? Yes, you read that right). Here are a few things that I saw that I really enjoyed, and some observations I've made about this fantastic city:

[This is actually a traveling puppet show that is attached to a bicycle.]

[Some sort of local legend, this large sculpture is lovingly called "The Bean." I had a lot of fun playing in my reflection and getting tons of great photos.]

[In fact, this is a real live person, and I believe it was his music blasting from a speaker not far from his feet. I saw him move, I swear I did.]

Here are my few observations from staying in the city for two nights:
  1. Driving downtown is to be avoided at all costs.
  2. You have to make a million dollars to afford just about anything that doesn't come from Forever 21.
  3. There is no Lois Griffin-esque lounge singer at the Grape Street Piano Bar, but it's a cute little place and I would definitely go back.
  4. If it's a bar in a hotel, and it's not the Drake, it probably sucks.
  5. Any hotel that lets you drink wine on the couches in the elevator is great in my book.
I'm certainly to be happy home, away from the rushed, overwhelming crowds... but I'm definitely looking forward to a future return trip to Chicago.


  1. Chicago is still on my list. So glad you had fun.

  2. Chicago is a great city. I'm glad you had a good time. I love the picture of the traveling puppet show!!


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